Process management

Process management addon allows to add extra capabilities on top of the domain specific service (the one that is build from workflow definition).

Process management comes with two parts

  • REST api

  • Basic UI to visualize current state of the service


To enable process management addon add following dependency to your service


This will include both the REST api and UI

REST api

REST api of the process management addon provides following capabilities

  • List of available workflows (definitions)

  • List of available workflow instances of the given workflow

  • Workflow instance details

  • Error of given workflow instance

  • List of active nodes in given workflow instance

  • Retrigger given workflow instance that is in error state

  • Skip node that caused error in given workflow instance and continue with next node

  • Trigger given node in given workflow instance

  • Retrigger active node in given workflow instance

  • Cancels active node in given workflow instance

  • Cancel entire workflow instance

REST api of process management addon is not included in the OpenAPI definition of the service by default. This is to avoid exposing non domain specific endpoints in the service. It can be enabled by setting quarkus.automatiko.include-automatiko-api property to true in

User interface

Currently UI of process management is read only but over time it will be enhanced with majority of the REST api operations

Process management comes with very basic UI to help visualize the state of the service. It can be accessed via http://localhost:8080/management/processes/ui

This will show entry point that displays available workflow definitions in the service

management ui entry

For each of the listed wokflows you can list active instances by clicking on the Instances button. This will expand a table with all active instances of that workflow.

management instances

Further you can look at instance details that will include

  • workflow instance visualization with active nodes and retrying nodes annotated

  • list subworkflow instances if any

  • display complete data model of given workflow instance

weather retry mgmt